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  • Tom Jarvis

    Tom Jarvis

    Editor at AudioOrdeal.co.uk, online content creator and journalist. Interested in OSINT, science, tech, audio engineering, and data.

  • Sal


    Freelance Writer. Aspiring Historian & Storyteller. Contact: https://heylink.me/sal_ali/

  • Small Media

    Small Media

    Small Media is a non-profit based in London that aims to increase the flow of information in Iran and other closed societies.

  • Millicast


    The Fastest Streaming on Earth. Realtime WebRTC CDN built for large-scale video broadcasting on any device with sub-500ms latency.

  • Global Network Initiative

    Global Network Initiative

    GNI is the only multistakeholder initiative dedicated to advancing freedom of expression and privacy in the information and communications technology sector.

  • Ethan May

    Ethan May

    Public Relations Manager — Streamlabs



    For posts on #technology, #video & #humanrights check out our publication, WITNESS Change: http://bit.ly/witnesschange. See it. Film it. Change it.

  • Ali Moiz

    Ali Moiz

    Stonks. Streamlabs. Peanutlabs. Building stuff people want.

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